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Visa Debit

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Visa Debit payWave card available!

payWave allows you to pay instantly, by waving your card over a secure contactless terminal in stores. So there’s no swiping, PIN or fumbling for cash. You just wave your card and you’re ready to go, for purchases under $100. For purchases over $100, you simply just enter your PIN – exactly the same way you do today.

The Visa payWave card can also be used for payments online and over the phone, just like a regular Visa Debit card.

  Here’s how it works

Step 1: Look for the payWave symbol at the checkout
Step 2: Check the purchase amount which is displayed on the payWave reader
Step 3: When the first green light blinks, wave your card close to the reader
Step 4: Confirm that four green lights appear and your transaction is complete!

  Why it's safe

It’s secure because your card never leaves your hand, leaving you in control when making payments at secure contactless terminals. Visa payWave is also protected by the same high level of security as our Visa Debit card. That includes Visa’s Zero Liability protection which guarantees you are 100% protected from unauthorised transactions.

We have also limited the number of payWave purchases you can transact each day, so once your daily cap is reached you will need to enter your PIN to make further purchases.

  How do I get one?

All new and renewal Visa Debit cards issued from February 2015 will automatically be upgraded to a payWave card.

If you have an existing rediCard or Visa Debit card and would like to be upgraded, simply call us on 1300 655 116 and we will upgrade you straight away.

If you don’t have a card and would like to order one, please complete and return our Card Application form.

  Want to know more?

For more helpful hints about our new Visa payWave refer to the frequently asked questions below:



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